Introduction to


  • Overview
  • Basic concepts
  • Architecture
  • VMs vs Containers
  • Docker machine
  • Docker Hub
  • Advanced Tools
  • Workflow
  • DEMO

The Challenge

Deployment Challange

Cargo Transport Pre-1960

The same probelm

Solution: Intermodal Shipping Container

Docker is a Container System for Code

Deployment Matrix

Common Environment

Dev QA Ops

Why Developers Care

Build once and run anywhere:

  • A clean, secure and predictiable environment for apps
  • No worries about missing dependencies
  • Automate testing and packaging
  • Reduce/eliminate concerns about compatibility on different platforms

Why Operations Care

Configure once and run anything:

  • Make the entire lifecycle more efficient, consistent, and repeatable.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies between development, test, production, and customer environments.
  • Speed and reliability of continuous deployment and continuous integration systems.
  • Significant performance, lower costs, deployment, and portability (in comparision to VMs).


VMs vs Containers

Why are Docker Containers Lightweight?

What are the Basics of a Docker System?

Changes and Updates

Advanced Tools

  • Docker Compose: a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications
  • Docker Swarm: native clustering tool which turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host
  • Docker Cloud: deploying node clusters and sevices to cloud service providers (AWS, DigitalOcean, etc...)

Possible Workflow

Demo Time

Want to Learn More?